Producing a kg of bananas costs money. Unfortunately, the cash doesn’t end up with the people who rightly deserve it. The small producers in South America. For example, not everyone is insured against illness. These are known as external or hidden costs. BeFrank uses sustainable programmes to reimburse 100% of these hidden costs. BeFrank also stands up for the environment.

The figures in the tables come from small banana producers from Ecuador. Do you want to dig deeper into the figures? Check out our sharing fairly page!

BeFrank is
committed to things like
improving housing

Imagine if you and your family lived in
this rickety shack. You couldn’t, could you?
This is the home of a small
banana farmer in Ecuador.

This banana farmer lives slightly better.
Thanks to extra help he can least
live in a dry home. Alright,
so there’s no electricity or clean water.

That’s one way of living. This container
house has running water, electricity and provides
enough shelter and space for a whole family.
We’re going for house number 3!


BeFrank social projects

BeFrank helps small banana farmers and their families to build a dignified existence. Would you like to know how we do it? Check out our newsletter.