The BeFrank

Make the world fair and habitable. We are going to share the revenues fairly and transparantly. throughout the banana supply chain. This will let us help the small farmers and workers live a dignified life. We also want to hand future generations a healthy and sustainable planet. We are 100% committed to this goal.

Franklin Ginus and Randy van Dinter, founders BeFrank Bananas

Our Frinciples!

Fact: there is a banana that can offer a living to everyone.
It’s ours! 

You know exactly where your banana’s earnings go.
It feels good, doesn’t it, ethical food? 

How can you grow bananas without an ecological footprint?
We want to be the first to find the answer to that question. 

If you want to do something right,
then we believe you have to go all the way. So we go beyond fair.

Do we make money on our bananas? Sure we do,
but above all we believe that entrepreneurship means sharing fairly. 

We love life and you can taste that in our bananas.
Because fair’s fair, they are delicious!